Leader of Work Package 1

Krystyna Iglicka

Ph.D. in Economics (Warsaw School of Economics 1993); Habilitation with a degree in Economics at Warsaw University (2003), full Professor in Economics granted by the President of teh Republic of Poland (2011)

Rector of Lazarski University, in Warsaw and a Polish government expert on migration policy. She was a Fulbright Fellow at the Department of Sociology at University of Pennsylvania (1999-2000) and a Polish Science Foundation, British Academy and Foreign and Commonwealth Office Fellow at the University of London (1996-1999). She was also a Dekaban Foundation Fellow at the University of Glasgow in 1996. In the period 2002-2003 she was Deputy Director of the Institute for Social Studies at Warsaw University. Since 2004, she has been a member of the Programme Board of the Institute for Social Studies at Warsaw University. Prof. Iglicka taught at various Polish universities and also at University College London (UK), University of Glasgow (UK) and University of Birmingham (UK). She has served as a consultant and expert to various international organizations such as the European Commission, International Organization for Migration, OECD and Polish government agencies. Since 2002, Prof. Iglicka has combined her academic work with the work at various Polish think-tanks, such as the Institute of Public Affairs and the Centre for International Relations. Works published by Krystyna Iglicka include ten academic books, nearly forty research papers/articles in academic journals published mainly in the USA, UK and Poland and numerous policy oriented expertise, reports and analysis.

Participation in EU Grants - most recent projects:

2012-2014 - Diversity in Political Parties' Programmes, Organisation and Representation, Polish partner, senior researcher and coordinator, European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. In Poland project carried out by the Lazarski University.

2012-2013 – integration of refugee children and minors under international protection into Polish schools,coordinator , European Refugee Fund. Project carried out by the Center for International Relations.

2010-2012 – Integration of non-EU women, wives of Polish citizens , coordinator,  European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. Project carried out by the Center for International Relations.

2010 – 2011 EMN – European Migration Network, expert on ‘Satysfying Labour Demand through Migration' (covering Sytnthesis Report and a report on Estonia).

2010 – 201 INTEGRACE – Best practices in the integration of refugee and asylum seeking children in the educational systems, project conducted by CSD in Sofia , European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals expert: covering report s on Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

2009 –2011 METOIKOS ‘Circular Migration Patterns in Southern and Central Europe: Challenges and Opportunities for Migrants and Policy Makers', EC DG JFS – Polish partner.

2007-2009 CLANDESTINO ‘Undocumented Migration: Counting the Uncountable. Data and Trends across Europe', 6 thFramework Programme – Polish partner.

2006-2009 EMILIE ‘ A European Approach to Multicultural Citizenship: Legal, political and educational challenges', 6 thFramework Programme – Polish partner.

Results of these projects

Participation in projects resulted in national and international conferences and seminars for academics and practitioners (NGOs' representatives, policymakers, officers etc…), policy briefs. It also resulted in following publications:

Most recent publications

K.Iglicka (with K.Gmaj and B.Walczak) 2013, Dzieci uchodźcze w polskiej szkole. Wyzwania systemu edukacji dla integracji i rynku pracy. [Refugee children in Polish school. Educational challenges for integration and labour market], Scholar, Warszawa p.115

Iglicka, K., (with K. Gmaj), 2013, Circular Migration Patterns between Ukraine and Poland , in: Triandafyllidou, A. (ed) Circular Migration between Europe and its Neighbourhood. Choice or Necessity? Oxford: OUP,pp.166-187

Iglicka, K (with K. Gmaj and I. Babiak), 2012, Integration of women, wives of Polish citizens, Scholar, Warszawa, p. 105

Iglicka, K., (with K. Gmaj and T. Maroukis), 2011, ‘Irregular migration and informal economy in Southern and Central-Eastern Europe: breaking the vicious cycle?', International Migration vol. 49 (5), pp.129-156.

Iglicka, K., (with K. Gmaj), 2010, Poland: ‘Waiting For' Irregular Migration', in:  A. Triandafyllidou (red.), Irregular Migration in Europe. Myths and Realities, Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 201-227.

Iglicka, K, 2010,  Powroty Polaków po 2004 roku. W pętli pułapki migracji , Warszawa, Scholar, str. 159.

Iglicka, K, 2008, Kontrasty migracyjne Polski. Wymiar transatlantycki , Warszawa, Scholar, str.167.


The project funded by a Norwegian grant within the Core 2012 Call of the Polish Norwegian Research Cooperation with awards made by the National Centre for Research and Development