Work-packages descriptions

Workpackage 1 - Background Report

The aim is to provide background for analysis within the topics introduced in the subsequent WPs and to prepare an overview of issues related to the post-accession emigration from Poland with a special attention on Scandinavian countries.

Workpackage 2 - Migrant families in Norway / structure of power relations and negotiating values and norms in transnational families

Objectives of this WP are:

  • to specify the research design, especially the sampling strategy and the focus themes for biographical and narrative interviews;
  • to analyze the social processes of integration experienced by migrant families, detail their family situations, familial fragmentation and coping strategies, explore housing, experiences with policy instruments, as well as maintaining family bonds beyond borders;
  • to recognize the values and norms guiding transnational families,
  • to deconstruct and reconstruct the structure of power relations in the family and the subsequent changes the redefinitions bring to family role-performances.

Workpackage 3 - Social capital among Polish immigrant families in Norway

Objectives of this WP are:

  • to establish systematic knowledge about the establishment and maintenance of social capital among Polish immigrant families in Norway as the basic foundation for the planning of public interventions adapted to the needs of Polish immigrant families in Norway;
  • to further develop the theoretical framework for understanding the role of voluntary associations in relation to social capital among migrants by gathering information about Polish immigrant families' relationships with and activities within Polish voluntary associations  and Polish religious communities in Norway;
  • to develop an understanding of the role of social media in the establishment and maintenance of social capital among migrants;

Workpackage 4 - Parenthood in a migrant life course perspective

The aim of WP 4 is to produce empirical evidence that will contribute to a better understanding of how migrant Polish young people plan and experience their new parenthood in the trajectory of work and family life in light of their mobility and living arrangements, as well as the availability and accessibility of welfare and childcare.

Workpackage 5 - Children's experience of growing up transnationally

Objectives of this WP are:

  • to study processes of adaptation to peer groups, school life, leisure activities and community life of children and adolescent of Polish immigrant families in Norway (main objective);
  • to adopt children's perspectives on the every day realities in order to provide a unique voice into studies of transnationality;
  • to develop an in-depth understanding of the phenomenon of child migration seen from their own perspective will help formulate recommendation for actions responding to children needs in the area of ontological security as well as an acceptation in both sending and receiving society.

Workpackage 6 - Settlement choices in Norway

The main objective of this WP is to analyze settlement choices of newly arriving Polish migrants and to study spatial mobility patterns of immigrants in its relation to proficiency in Norwegian language or more generally, cultural distance from Norwegian society.

Workpackage 7 - Integration and re-integration of Polish children in school

Objectives of this WP are:

  • to create a common platform for successful integration of Polish children into the Norwegian school system and for re-integration of children with a Norwegian (or Scandinavian) school experience into the Polish school system;
  • to develop programs for intercultural education and home-school collaboration to support children's integration and re-integration processes.

Workpackage 8 - Project website – preparation and management

Objectives of this WP are:

  • to publish results, publications and other relevant project deliverables in a form that they could be useful to other researchers and stakeholders.
  • to facilitate communication between project members;
  • to reach broader academic and non-academic audiences, potential beneficiaries of the web-based resources;

Workpackage 9 - Project Coordination and Promotion

Objectives of this WP are:

  • To coordinate general activities and progress within the project;
  • To provide administrative support to the partners, especially in relation to financial matters;
  • To take financial accountability for the project budget through continuous monitoring and reporting of expenditures;
  • To oversee that project activities comply with planned activities, ensuring  deadlines for deliverables and milestones are respected;
  • To disseminate results of the project, particularly by taking a lead on drafting and implementing a final strategy of results' dissemination, as well as organizing key final conferences (with Norwegian and Polish stakeholders – presenting the project, its results and recommendations),
  • To prepare and implement certain events, ie. Workshop for social workers and pilot educational programme
  • To foster collaboration and networking within the project


The project funded by a Norwegian grant within the Core 2012 Call of the Polish Norwegian Research Cooperation with awards made by the National Centre for Research and Development