Leader of Work Package 3

Dr. Eugene Guribye

Senior Researcher & Leader of the Welfare Department

Eugene  Guribye  (1972)  has  a  PhD  in  social  anthropology  from  the  Faculty  of  Psychology,  University  of Bergen  (2009).  He  also  had  a  post-doc  position  at  the  Institute  of  Public  Health  and  has  worked  as  a researcher at the Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Antro Cultural Competence.

Research interests:Minorities and marginalized groups, coping, mental health and cultural ecology

Research affiliations:Agderforskning,  Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Antro Cultural Competence

Selected relevant publications:

  • Guribye, E. (2012). White Tigers: Researchers and Social Capital within Tamil voluntary associations in Norway during a crisis.  Accepted for publication in: Journal of Refugee Studies
  • Guribye,  E.  (submitted).  Barriers  Against  Generation  and  Maintenance  of  Social  Capital  among Members of Pro-LTTE Tamils in Norway in a Post-Conflict Situation.  Submitted to: Journal of Civil Society
  • Guribye,  E.  (2011).  "No  God  and  no  Norway":  collective  resource  loss  among  members  of  Tamil NGO's  in Norway during and after the last phase of the civil war in Sri Lanka.  International Journal of Mental Health Systems 5:18.
  • Guribye, E., Sandal, G. M. & Oppedal, B (2011). Communal Proactive Coping Strategies among Tamil Refugees in Norway. International Journal of Mental Health Systems 5(1):9.
  • Guribye, E. (2011). Sacrifice as Coping: A Case Study of the Cultural-Political Framing of Traumatic Experiences among Eelam Tamils in Norway. Journal of Refugee Studies 24(2).

Contact:E-mail: eugene.guribye@agderforskning.no, Mob: (+47) 951 61 674


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