Researcher – WP 7

Kathrine Bakke – Researcher

Kathrine Bakke  (1980)  work as a  Researcher at Agder Research, at the Department of Welfare  Research. She is a graduated social worker (2005) and political scientist (2009) at Agder University.

Research interests: Children and childhood

Research affiliations: Agderforskning, Oxford Research

Relevant policy papers:

·         "Fra  uro  til  trygghet".  An  evaluation  of  the  implementation  of  ‘taking  up  one`s  worries'   in  the municipality of Kristiansand (2012),

·         "Vi spør ikke-vi bare gjør". An evaluation of the competence network BarnsBeste (2012).

·          "Husrom uten hjerterom". May housing counteract marginalization processes? (2012)

·         "Barns  levekår"  a  survey  of  children`s  living  conditions  and  everyday  life  in  Kristiansand,  Søgne, Sogndalen, Vennesla; Lillesand, Birkenes and Iveland (2012).

Contact: E-mail:, Mob: (+47) 958 80 144



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