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Profesor dr hab. Krystyna Slany 

Krystyna Slany is a full professor at the Institute of Sociology JU, Vice- president of the Research Committee on Migration, Polish Academy of Sciences, a member of the Demographic Sciences Committee Polish Academy of Sciences and a Polish government expert on migration policy. She is a founder and head of gender studies at the Institute of Sociology JU. She
is a member of e.g.: Polish Sociological Association, Polish Demographic Association, Polish Association of Canadian Studies, European Association for Population.  She  was  awarded  by  the  Rector  of the  Jagiellonian University nine times for a scientific achievements (recently 2009 and  2011).  She  had  numerous  fellowships  e.g.  at  Cattolica Universita,  Milan  (2007),  Rutgers  University,  USA,  Ohio  State University  USA  (2004),  York  University,  Center  for  Refugee Studies, Canada (2001). 
Works published by Krystyna Slany include 16 academic books, 130  articles  in  journals  and  books,  20  in  newspapers  and numerous policy oriented expertises, reports and analysis. 


Most recent projects and results of these projects: 

•  Fund   "Equal  treatment  as  a  standard  of  the  good governance"  (EU  Humane  Capital,  2011-2012, coordinated  by  Government  Plenipotentiary  for  Equal Treatment),  Results:  report  (diagnosis  and  policy recommendations),  trainings,  establishing  of  social campaign, 
•  Interdisciplinary  post-graduate  course  Gender  studies' funded  by  Norwegian  Funds  (Scholarship  and  Training Fund) in collaboration with Oslo University, Norway (2009-2011), Results: post-graduate course 2010/2011,
•  "Return  Migration  and  immigration  to  Poland"  -  project 
founded by the Human Rights Defender (2009), Results: Policy recommendation, 2 book chapters
•  FeMiPol:  Integration  of  Female  Immigrants  in  Labour Market  and  Society.  Policy  Assessment  and  Policy Recommendations (EU  grant,  6  FP,  2006-2008, coordinated  by  Institute  of  Social  Research  Frankfurt 
/Main). Results: Policy recommendation, 2 books (editor), 4 book chapters, 2 articles, 3 working papers published on project homepage

Most recent publications related to migration and family issues: 

•  Marriage and the Families in the Gender Perspective(ed), Cracow, Jagiellonian University Press, 2012,
•  The  Gender-Related  Specific  of  Labour  Market  –  An Example pf Immigrants in Poland, in: "Migration Studies- Polonia Review" , Issue 1/ 2012 (with. M. Ślusarczyk),
•  Women   In  Migration.  Objective   trends–  subjective experience. On the base of Polish immigrants in Poland, in; " Societas / Communitas", vol. 2, 2012,
•  Women  in  New  Migration.  Current  Debates  in  European Societas  (eds.  K.  Slany,  M.  Kontos,  M.  Liapi),  Cracow, Jagiellonian University Press, 2010,
•  Migracje  kobiet.  Perspektywa  wielowymiarowa (ed). (Women's  migration.  Multidimensonary  perspective), Jagiellonian Univeristy Press, Kraków 2008. 


Projekt finansowany ze środków funduszy norweskich, w ramach programu Polsko-Norweska Współpraca Badawcza realizowanego przez Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju.