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Magdalena Ślusarczyk 

Magdalena Ślusarczyk has a Ph.D. in sociology from the Faculty of of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University (2005) and Bachelor of Arts  in  German  Studies  (2002).  2003  she  had  a  fellowship  at Ludwig-Maximilians  University  Munich,  Germany  to  conduct research  for  Ph.D.  thesis  (dissertation:  Patterns  of  education systems reforms in Poland and Germany). In additions she is an Occupational Counselor (postgraduate studies 2005). Her main research interests are: migration, family and educational systems.

Most recent projects:

•  Domestic violence in the light of law and practice of local community, running, research project 2012-2013, financed by  the  Faculty  of  Administration  of  School  of Administration  in  Bielsko-Biala,  coordinator,  planned results: municipal policy recommendations, book, 2 articles,

•  Social  Problems  and  welfare  under  the  democratic conditions – the case of Darmstadt, the City of Science. Cooperation  between  Germany  and  Ukraine,  2011-2012 financed  by  the  Goverment  of  Federal  Republic  of Germany,  Ministry  of  the  Interior,  a  member  of  research team.  Results:  report  and  policy  recommendations  for Ukraine.

•  Return  Migration  and  immigration  to  Poland -  project founded by the Human Rights Defender (2009), Results: 2 book chapters, policy recommendation.

• 02266,  FeMiPol:  Integration  of  female  immigrants  in labour market and society. Policy assessment and policy recommendations, 2006-2008, 6. Framework Programme - Policy-Oriented Research. Scientific Support To Policies, Institute  of  Sociology,  a  member  of  research  team. Results:  3  book  chapters,  1  article,  2  working  papers published on the project homepage.

•  Secure  county -   project   concerning  the  inhabitants' sense of safety, research project 2007-2008, financed by the Faculty of Administration of School of Administration in Bielsko-Biała,  joint-coordinator  (with  M.  Grążawski), fieldwork  (survey)  coordinator.  Results:  book,  2  book chapters.

Most recent publications:

•  The  Gender  –Related  Specific  of  Labour  Market  –  An Example pf Immigrants in Poland, in: "Migration Studies- Polonia Review", Issue 1/ 2012 (with. K. Slany, in Polish),

•  Socialization  training.  Selected  Issues  of  gender  role development  in  the  process  of  education."Culture  and Education", no 2, 2011 (in Polish),

•  Gender  kaleidoscope.  On  the  way  towards  sociocultural gender  recognition  in  Poland.  Jagiellonian  University Publishing House, 2011, (with. K. Slany and B. Kowalska, in Polish),

•  Disputes over education. Past and present. Kraków: AFM Publishing House, 2010 (in Polish),

•  Changing Patterns of Migration in Poland. Integration of Migrant Women in the Polish Labour Market and Society.In:  K.  Slany,  M.  Kontos,  M.  Liapi  (eds.),  Women  in  New Migrations.  Current  Debates  in  European  Societies, Cracow, Jagiellonian University Press 2010 (with. K. Slany and A. Małek)


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