Leader of Work Package 4

Dr. Lihong Huang 

Lihong Huang holds a M.A. degree in Education from Southwest Teachers' University (1993-1996), China, a M.Phil degree in comparative and international education from the University of Oslo (1999-2001), Norway and a Ph.D. in international education from Stockholm University (2001-2005), Sweden. In addition to her full-time position as senior researcher at NOVA, she is a guest lecturer of quantitative research methods at University of Oslo, a member at Pool of European Youth Researchers, the national correspondent for Norway at the European Knowledge Centre of Youth Policy, both established by ‘EU-CoE Youth Partnership', member of European Survey Research Association (ESRA), member of Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE) and a member of Comparative and International Education Societies in North America (CIES).

Most recent projects involved:

  • Project leader of "National Research Coordinator of International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2016 (ICCS 2016)", 6/2013 to 6/2019, funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, project nr. 30213.
  • Project leader of Norwegian data analysis for OECD programme "Education and Social Progress (ESP)", 7/ 2012 to 5/2013, funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, project nr.63712.
  • Project member of "Evaluation of free-of-charge homework assistance for 1 st to 4 th graders in Norwegian primary schools" 3/2011 to 5/2013, funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, project nr. 69511.
  • Project member of "Sexual abuse of children", 9/2010-12/2012, funded by NOVA, project nr.80189.
  • Project leader of "Completing a higher education in Norway", 5-12/2011, funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), project no. 64111.
  • Project leader of "Interim evaluation of European Youth in Action programme", 3-6/2010, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, project nr. 68310.
  • Project leader of "Social inequality in school", 8/2005-2/2010, funded by Save the Children Norway, project nr. 48805.

Most recent publications:

  • Mossige, S., Huang, L., Straiton, M. & Roen, K. (2014). Suicidal ideation and self-harm among youth in Norway: Associations with verbal, physical and sexual abuse. Child & Family Social Work, doi:10.1111/cfs.12126

  • Huang, L. and Mossige, S. (2012). Academic achievement in Norwegian secondary schools: the impact of violence during childhood. Social Psychology of Education, 15(2): 147-164.

  • Mossige, S. and Huang, L. (2010). The prevalence of sexual offences and abuse within a Norwegian youth population. Norsk epidemiologisk tidsskrift, 20(1): 53-62. (in Norwegian)
  • Huang, L. (2010). Peer relations and student achievement in the Norwegian secondary schools. The International Journal of Learning, 16(12): 295-306.
  • Huang, L. (2010). Inequalities among students in the Norwegian secondary schools: A research project summary. In D. Metheou and Y. Roussakis (eds). Quality and equality in education: Policies and practices in comparative perspective. CESE papers & reports, Vol. 1. Athens: Comparative Education Society in Europe. 59-72.
  • Huang, L. (2009). Social capital and student achievement in Norwegian secondary schools. Learning and Individual Differences, 19(2): 320-325.

Contact: Tel.: (+47) 41163458,  Lihong.Huang@nova.hioa.no 

NOVA (Norwegian Social Research), Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Pb.3223 Elisenberg, 0208 Oslo, Norway (web: http://www.hioa.no/Om-HiOA/Senter-for-velferds-og-arbeidslivsforskning/NOVA ) /

Senior Researcher (web: http://www.hioa.no/eng/Person?id=lhuang )


Projekt finansowany ze środków funduszy norweskich, w ramach programu Polsko-Norweska Współpraca Badawcza realizowanego przez Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju.