Badaczka w zadaniu 2 

Paula Pustułka

2009 obrona pracy magisterskiej z wyróżnieniem, Instytut Socjologii, Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie

2014 (pending) PhD in Sociology and Social Policy, Bangor University, United Kingdom


On-going projects (Part-time involvement)


Nothing About Us Without Us 09-12.2013
(Research Assistant,
Part Time)

"Nothing About Us Without Us – civic participation of Poles in Great Britain" (PL: Nic o nas bez nas) Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs-funded project under completion by the Institute for Public Affairs in Warsaw; involvement in participants' selection & recruitment, fieldwork (interviews), data analysis, report writing.

Review of evaluations of interventions related to violence against women and girls10.2013-04.2014
(Coder, Part Time 10%)

Working as one of the Coders for the review commissioned by the UK Department for International Development and completed by a Berlin-based team of consultants - Michaela Raab and Wolf Stuppert. Duties include preparatory tasks (literature searches) and subsequent use of qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) in coding, writing executive summaries and transcriptions.

TRANSFAM:               Doing family in transnational context
2013-2016             (Research Associate)

International project starting in the late 2013, full title:  Doing family in transnational context. Demographic choices, welfare adaptations, school integration and every-day life of Polish families living in Polish-Norwegian transnationality, funded by Norway Grants and led by prof. Krystyna Slany at Jagiellonian University. Main tasks to date: co-writing funding application, operationalization and ethics write-up, fieldwork tools design, literature reviews, devising participants' recruitment strategies.

Ukończone projekty badawcze

Polish Mothers     parenting in the West
2008-09, 2010-2013

Comparative international doctoral research project funded by 125 Anniversary Research Scholarship at Bangor University and DAAD in Germany. Dissertation supervised by prof. Howard Davis at Bangor University and due for submission in late 2013. Research methods used: semi-structured and biographic interviews, participant observation, ethnography.

Ambivalent Returns
(Principal Investigator)


Research project entitled: "Ambivalent returns?  Polish mothers tackling inter-generational family obligations during their temporary returns from the UK", received funding from the Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London by winning annual Grant Competition in July 2013. Research methods: interviews, secondary data analysis (survey).

Polish Schooling  in Great Britain:      

tradition and modernity   

(Research Assistant)

Qualitative data collection with various stakeholders across Polish Saturday schools in UK (parents, teachers, personnel), data analysis and reports' writing. Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs-funded project of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in cooperation with Jagiellonian University (PI: prof. Dorota Praszalowicz) Research methods: semi-structured interviews, focus group interviews, expert interviews, participant observation, content analysis (qualitative web-based)


  • Continuous professional development through trainings in computer tools, research methods, etc.
  • Academic teaching experience in UK, British postgraduate university teaching qualification,
  • Publication and conference presentation record on the international level
  • Awards: 125 Anniversary Research Scholarship awarded by Bangor University for a PhD study (2010- 2013), Research Grant winner of the Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London annual competition (2013), DAAD- Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst: short- term research grant holder (2011) Fellowship Winner for Trans-Atlantic Summer Institute in European Studies—University of Minnesota, US (2010).


Projekt finansowany ze środków funduszy norweskich, w ramach programu Polsko-Norweska Współpraca Badawcza realizowanego przez Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju.