Financial and administrative coordinator

Barbara Zyzak

PhD Research Fellow & Project Manager

Barbara Zyzak  (1986)  is a Norway Grants' Project Manager at Agder Research and  a  PhD Research Fellow at  the  University  of  Agder,  Norway  (Department  of  Political  Science  and  Management).  She  has  a  MA degree in Political Science at Business School - National Louis University in Poland. Furthermore, she has a broad competence on EEA and Norway Grants, the EU and diplomacy.

Research interests:Norwegian cooperation within the EEA agreement, regional development, governance networks, creative industries and HE

Research affiliations:Agderforskning, University of Agder

Selected papers:

  • Karlsen, J., Flåten, B., Isaksen, A., Pinheiro, R. and Zyzak, B. (2013). ‘Kunnskap og innovasjon i Agder'. In Wallevik, K. and  Jørgensen, G. (eds).  Krise, omstilling og vekst  –  en regionanalyse av Sør-landet. FoU-rapport 1/2013. Kristiansand: Agderforskning.

  • Barbara Zyzak  (Forthcoming in 2014).  No to the EU, Yes to the EEA. Norway and Europe in 1945-2009. Adam Marszalek, Toruń.

  • Zyzak  B.,  Pinheiro  R.,  Hauge  E.  S.,  (Forthcoming  2014).  ‘Ties  between  university  and  creative  & cultural industries and its implication for regional development: The case of Norway's   Agder region'. Agder Research.

Contact:E-mail:, Mob: (+47) 967 44 330


Projekt finansowany ze środków funduszy norweskich, w ramach programu Polsko-Norweska Współpraca Badawcza realizowanego przez Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju.